What is BDSM? BDSM is a term that people use to collectively refer to a variety of erotic practices engaged in by consenting adults. The B&D refers to bondage and discipline, the D&S refers to dominance and submission, and the S&M refers to the practices of sadism and masochism. The terms are grouped together this way because BDSM can mean different things to different people with different preferences. What BDSM is NOT is abuse.

Today social media and the internet have made BDSM, Fetish and other kink lifestyles more accessible to everyone. More and more movies and television shows are including kink themes into their programming, some of which portray these lifestyles accurately, some others do not. As society opens its minds and grains an ever-growing interest in such lifestyles, the need for education and consultation has become more important than ever. BDSM  Lifestyles Coaching recognizes that need and provides lifestyle education and consultation to individuals, couples and groups who seek a better understanding of BDSM, Fetish and kink lifestyles.

BDSM Lifestyles Coaches are not medical professionals or licensed therapists, BDSM Lifestyle Coaching is not psychological therapy. The purpose of a coach is to help you understand the dynamics of a path of exploration you are about to embark upon. We are here to help you navigate that path. Therapists can help one with emotional issues as a result of past trauma or experiences. If we feel you could use the help of a therapist, we have a number of kink-friendly therapist that we can refer you to.

Mistress Cyan is skilled in the arts of BDSM activities, Power Exchange Dynamics, and BDSM Relationships with more than 30 years of real-life experience and expertise. She understands the path you are traveling, she has experienced that same journey of self-exploration and learning firsthand. Her goal is to help guide you safely on this path of exploration and growth. And having more than 25 years of experience as a professional Dominatrix, she also offers coaching to professional Dommes, switches and submissives as well as those contemplating becoming a professional.

If you’ve made it this far, you have a genuine interest in learning more about this aspect of your sexuality. You’ve now taken the first step on your path of self-discovery. If you are serious about expanding your knowledge and experience, a Lifestyles Coach is a worthwhile investment.