Mistress Cyan Presentations, Classes and Workshops


Dynamics of A BDSM Relationship

It’s all about play…. or is it??? Like most other types ofr relationships, a BDSM relationship takes the effort of all parties in order to make it work. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss the different types of BDSM relationships, what they have in common, and how they differ. The class will also discuss getting into and maintaining a healthy BDSM relationship, and the some of the things you need to know before getting establishing into that relationship.


The Importance of Communication in BDSM 

Trust is the key component in building and maintaining a healthy relationship or and having a fulfilling scene. In this class, Mistress Cyan discusses the importance of cCommunication in BDSM and the part it plays in building tTrust, the problems that arise through lack of cCommunication, and how to cCommunicate with your Dominant or submissive. Depending on the size of number of attendees, the class is usually held in a “Round Table” format with attendee participation encouraged.


Understanding Submission

This workshop is designed to help both submissives and Dominants understand “submission”. Some of the topics that will be discussed include Self Identification, Understanding the difference between “Wants and Needs”, Defining Your Relationship, Negotiating Relationship Dynamics, and The Importance of Communication. The class concludes with a Q&A period and open discussion.


The Evolution of Kink in Our Lifestyle

Kink, Fetish and BDSM dates back centuries, but this class will discuss focus on the evolution of kink and BDSM in our lifestyle in the last 100 years with an emphasis on the last 30 years. In addition to a little history of how modern-day kink evolved, Mistress Cyan will discuss how the community has changed, the effect of social media on our lifestyle and how actual play has evolved into what we do today. Class attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and share experiences to help the classeveryone get a better understanding of our history and appreciate the legacy that we have been left by those who paved the way.


PROTOCOL: Back to The Basics

Protocol is one of the earliest foundations on which the Leather Community was built. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss how Protocol has played a part in Her personal journey. She will also talk a little about what Protocol is, why Protocol can be important in your Dynamic, when Protocol is appropriate, where to practice it, and how to incorporate it into your Dynamic. 


Dynamics of a BDSM Scene

A good, fulfilling BDSM Scene rarely happens by accident. The objective of this class by Mistress Cyan is to bring a better understanding about the dynamics of a BDSM Scene and the elements both parties should be aware of and understand before they play. Some of the topics that will be discussed include the concept of “pain” and how it relates to each partner, negotiation, the exchange of power, and the actual different parts of the scene itself.


The Art and Importance of Warm Up and Cool Down

In many cases, the intensity, duration, and enjoyment of a scene is determined by the warm up, or lack of warm upthereof, in the initial stages of the scene., and Wwhat we do when we finishthe scene is over can play an important role as well. Most people know what to do during their scene, but may not really know how important the start and finish can be. In this class, Mistress Cyan discusses the physical and psychological aspects of the warm up, along with various techniques to get the mind and body prepared for the scene to come, and what you need to know about the end.


Fundamentals of Impact Play

There’s a lot more to it than just hitting people with things! In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss and demonstrate the fundamentals of Impact Play. Attendees will learn various techniques in the use of floggers, paddles, canes and whips. This class is great for those who are just learning, but experienced and seasoned players will leave the class knowing more than they did when they came in.


Basic Spanking, Paddling and Caning 

There IS a method to the madness. Spanking, paddling and caning can be administered in a sensual, or punitive manner. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss the dynamics of both, and demonstrate some techniques on how to administer  each without causing injury.


Basic Flogging Fundamentals 

Understanding the fundamentals of basic flogging is the key to building a solid foundation on which the Dominant can build upon. The art of flogging is much more than just picking up a whip and hitting someone with it. In this class, Mistress Cyan will share her knowledge and expertise regarding different types of floggers and how to use them in a variety of ways to enhance your flogging scenes. She will also demonstrate the techniques that are essential to learn in order to become proficient at a more advanced stageslevel. The class will also include individual “Hands On” instruction if time permits.


Flogging 201

Flogging is one of the most common and versatile arts in BDSM. In this class, Mistress Cyan discusses and demonstrates the various techniques of flogging, from basic to advanced. The class includes a discussion on types of floggers, what to look for when buying a flogger, the safe use of floggers, basic and advanced flogging techniques including Florentine Flogging, and a live flogging demo. The class concludes with a Q&A session and individual “Hands On” instruction if time permits.


The Art of Erotic Whipping

It’s not always about pain… Mistress Cyan discusses and demonstrates The Art of Erotic Whipping in a workshop designed for those interested in the sensual use floggers and singletails in an erotic scene. This class includes a brief discussion of different types of floggers and singletails , how and when to use them, preparing your submissive for the scene, taking them on the journey and aftercare. The class concludes with a Q&A period, open discussion and “hands on” instruction for individuals if time permits.


The Singletail

One of the most frightening and intimidating sounds in BDSM is the “crack of the whip”. It can also be one of the most dangerous things in the dungeon if one does not understand the dynamics of the whip and how to use it. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss and demonstrate the different types of singletails we use and their properties. This class will focus on the sensual use of the singletails and how to effectively, and safely, use it them in your scene.


Basic Rope Bondage

One does not have to be an expert at knots in order to do effective and attractive rope bondage that the submissive finds inescapable. In this class, Mistress Cyan will demonstrate some basic techniques of rope bondage, including rope cuffs and basic Japanese Rope Harnesses. Mistress Cyan will also discuss some of the more popular bondage positions people use, as well as safety and what you need to know and have to play safe with rope.


Fire Play

Mistress Cyan discusses and demonstrates the Art of Fire Blowing and Fire Brushing in a workshop for those interested iIn exploring this interesting form of edge play. The workshop includes a comprehensive discussion on “Do’s and Don’ts”, The Fear Factor, Technique and Safety, a Live Demonstration, a Q&A period and “Hands On” instruction for individuals if time permits.


The DM and The Dungeon

Every dungeon and/or play space should have a DM, commonly referred to as “Dungeon Monitor”, or in some cases ”Dungeon Master” or “Dungeon Mistress”. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss what makes for a good DM, ethics of being a DM, some of the responsibilities that go with being a DM, and various ways that DM’s can enforce dungeon policy and safety in the play space without creating chaos or abusing their power or alienating their players. This is not a DM Training Course,; it is a class to help the DM know when and how to use their knowledge and expertise.


Domination: Lifestyle vs Professional?

In this class, Mistress Cyan discusses the controversial issue of “Lifestyle vs Professional” in the collective BDSM Community. More often than not, it is a lack of understanding which prevents the two from becoming one. Designed to be an interactive class, attendees are encouraged to share their experiences, points of view, and ask questions.


Should I Go Pro?

This is a question that many women, and even some men, in the lifestyle ask themselves at one point or another. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss the pros and cons of being a Professional Dominant, including the myths and misconceptions surrounding the profession. She will also discuss the thingswhat one must do in order to become a Professional, and what it takes to be successful at it.


Finding Success as a Professional

Success in the professional domination industry does not simply happen by luck, nor is it based solely on skills. It is the result of hard work and making a conscientious effort to be the very best you can be. In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss the key points that you need to know, and practice, in order to get more sessions and help you become more successful. This class is a 101/201 level class, but can also be of value to those who are already established.